Unified Communications

The world of unified communications doesn’t need to be confusing or complex. DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services delivers simplified control through real-time and historical intelligence that helps organizations implement VoIP more quickly, troubleshoot more effectively and optimize reliability right from the start.

With the DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services, managing individual clusters to hundreds of thousands of phones and scaling your entire unified communications infrastructure up or down is unbelievably simple and cost-effective.

Pre-deployment: Helping you determine your readiness for unified communications

VoIP applications demand a computing environment that delivers 24×7 availability and performance. In particular, deployment, management and optimization of VoIP equipment requires a high level of sophistication and expertise to chalk out workflows that isolate and automatically resolve individual problems across the infrastructure before call quality or service levels can be impacted.

If you are having trouble in determining whether your organization is ready for unified communications then Data Focus can carry out network-readiness testing; pilot-phase troubleshooting, actual equipment migration / installation, implementation and ongoing maintenance.

Post-deployment: Unified communications infrastructure monitoring and optimizations

Once deployed, DataFocus optimizes the reliability and performance of Voice over IP equipment and associated applications.

Data Focus incorporates proactive monitoring in every service contract to reduce downtime and assure optimal voice performance by delivering a total view of the VoIP infrastructure in real-time. Fault management eliminates “silent failures” and aids in proactively isolating the root cause of the problem while expediting troubleshooting and Mean-Time-To-Repair (MTTR). In particular, an effective strategy includes monitoring not only the application that routes stores, and reports on all calls, but also the gateway infrastructure that supports the application, and the generic networking infrastructure – routers and switches – over which the call is routed. Frequently, bottlenecks that have the potential to degrade service occur – not in the call management application – but in an interconnected server or switch. Without the ability to troubleshoot across the underlying infrastructure, it is difficult, if not impossible, to guarantee high levels of performance and availability.

DataFocus is a certified Cisco Partner: Critical Support for Cisco

DataFocus has expertise and tools specifically designed for Cisco environments, to simplify the deployment and ongoing management of VoIP equipment in distributed, multi-site locations.

DataFocus’ experience in remote VoIP management includes learned best practices that allow businesses to immediately start realizing the benefits that come from a unified network infrastructure. Because the Company can anticipate and resolve problems remotely rather than with truck dispatches, DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services remote VoIP management represents significant savings and business value.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Simple, predictable monthly pricing
  • VoIP expertise across the enterprise at affordable rates
  • Greater accountability in managing VoIP across multiple phases
  • Easy installation and rapid deployment for easy return on investment
  • Significant improvement in the speed and quality of VoIP deployments
  • Optimal call quality
  • Ability to measure and document success of VoIP implementation
  • Central point of contact
  • Freedom to focus on core competencies

The DataFocus Unified Communications option is ideal for organizations across all sizes. Regardless of where your organization is in terms of solidifying its communication systems; rest assured that DataFocus can enhance cost predictability, centralization, efficiency, quality and improve overall control. Just click Here to get a quote.