Infrastructure Applications

Is your business challenged by the many scattered and diverse tasks of maintaining infrastructure application requirements which include defending against viruses, spam / hackers; capacity shortages; archiving requirements; and reliability and general application failures? These tasks will only become evermore “scattered” and “diverse” as your organization grows – adding resources or implementing pockets of software could be a short term quick fix solution – but in the long run the growing number of human and electronic resources will only add to the overall cumbersomeness and drudgery of IT management. Ultimately these overheads will (A) eat into your company’s bottom-line and (B) will deprive you of a centralized control, monitoring and reporting mechanism.

NetZoom’s Managed Infrastructure Applications is an outsourced service provided by DataFocus where we manage and support your infrastructure applications on your behalf in a manner which promotes uniformity across apps, predictability and robust reporting. In short, it takes all your scattered infrastructure applications and tightly pulls them together under one brutally organized and well-structured system. This allows you to focus your corporate resources on your core competencies while streamlining expenses.

Managed infrastructure application is designed for companies that want to deliver advanced functionality, communication, and collaboration tools to their employees while keeping costs to a minimum.

Supported Applications

Microsoft – Exchange, Office Communications Server, MS-SQL, SharePoint, Active Directory

Citrix – XenApp, XenDesktop

For companies that already have an IT application infrastructure in place

Apart from our “ground-up” application infrastructure services, the DataFocus advantage can ALSO be used as an extension to your organization’s current infrastructure without bearing the burden of additional license and/or hardware costs. Apart from the many virtues that are associated with systemization and uniformity, the DataFocus advantage will also dramatically slash costs associated with in-house resources getting entangled with periodic installs, configurations, and upgrades etc via constant health checks, anti-virus and firewall upgrades, event trend analysis, quicker organizational learning and the incorporation of learned preemptive measures into the overall service design.

24×7 Proactive Monitoring -the very heart of DataFocus

DataFocus incorporates monitoring into every managed infrastructure application contract to proactively “watch” your critical resources and to ensure they are operating efficiently at all times. Our “predictive problem-solving” technology continually monitors your Exchange and systems environment, providing alerts that enable rapid identification of problems based on client-defined threshold limits. All critical alerts result in an immediate response by DataFocus – thereby optimizing uptime and minimizing time-to-repair in case of system failures.

Proactive monitoring of your applications ensures that issues are fixed before they become costly problems; thereby improving uptime and efficiencies in the process.


  • Reliable and seamless enterprise-wide infrastructure applications services
  • Free up and reallocate capital toward growing your business
  • Low total costs of ownership
  • Reduces downtime due to virus attacks
  • Improves network performance
  • Enforces “acceptable use” policies; reduces legal liability
  • Business-class services, features, and delivery options
  • Access to industry expertise and technology at predictable, monthly rates

The DataFocus edge: All your diverse IT applications under one cleverly designed system. The benefits are endless – uniformity, cost-effectiveness, reduced downtime, tighter management and higher compliance. If this sounds like something your organization can use, then just click HERE for a quote.