System Security

“Some intruders are simply smarter than you”

Whether you have an internal security team or not; the NetZoom Managed IT services can help you enhance and tighten systems security across all architectures in a very cost-effective manner.

How do we achieve that? By combining intelligent data aggregation with intelligent in-depth analysis, our security systems are able to answer some very serious questions such as “Where should I be focusing my attention?”, “Why and when should I have access privileges changed?”, “Why is Joe trying to access the accounting server?” and “What software patches are needed?”

DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services allows clients to maintain total control of their security infrastructure without having to watch it 24×7 or dedicate resources to it.

What we will do

  • Identify higher-risk security vulnerabilities across networks, systems and applications
  • Centralize Windows security events in real-time, through the use of Event Log Monitoring
  • Trend security events over 30 – 60 day periods
  • Proactively identify abnormal traffic utilization patterns, preventing excessive use of corporate resources
  • Track Windows Service Pack information across your organization, via a single user interface

Systems Security

Your entire IT environment is as vulnerable as its weakest link. One let up and the domino effect kicks in – thereby, taking down your entire infrastructure and putting operations on hold indefinitely. The DataFocus systems security solution uses cutting edge military-like procedures to ensure this NEVER EVER happens. No cracks, chinks or crevice and Zero Down times. If security is important to you then click HERE to get a quote now.