NetZoom Managed IT Services

NetZoom’s Goal

At its core, Netzoom is all about the systematic implementation and management of technology. As technology evolves and gets ever more complex and powerful, we believe that the streamlining of technological processes is the biggest enabler towards cost-reduction and overall growth in this chaotically downward spiraling economy.

What is the Data Focus NetZoom Suite of Managed IT Services?

The Netzoom suite was designed and developed in conjunction with Dell so that just one objective could be met:

To remotely maintain and support our client’s Network and IT infrastructure on a 24/7/365 basis, so that potential issues and problems within the IT environment are identified and resolved BEFORE the infrastructure crashes and expensive network and server downtimes kick in.

“A completely seamless process to handle issues from alerts to resolution”

Imagine how easy it would be to scale up or scale down your IT architecture if your IT team could effectively and swiftly do all your forecasting, planning, reporting, debugging, monitoring and management via a set of robust “one-window” IT processes by DataFocus.


Simplified Version of DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services

Imagine if you had the ability to accurately detect that a server memory threshold is about to be met within a certain server configuration and then instantly determine (based on historic data) that it’s best to reboot at 5PM. At 5, we open a ticket, deal with any open apps, reboot the appropriate server, run a virus and vulnerability health check, log the event and finally close the ticket – all done seamlessly by the IT Services Group at DataFocus without needing to stop, slow down or interrupt your day-to-day operations. Wouldn’t this dramatically reduce the load on internal staff members while eliminating frustrations and putting you in a better position to meet tight service level agreements (SLAs)? That’s the Netzoom advantage.

Note: Studies have shown that IT departments do not have the appropriate tools required to generate SLA reports and in all the companies surveyed, about 48% still have outdated and burdensome reporting procedures.

The Problem with IT human resource structures

IT departments generally follow the classic command and control hierarchical structure of human resource management – due to its structure; these over-verticalized IT departments tend to develop isolated pockets of human resources that hold key pieces of knowledge – these pockets work towards self-invested goals that are commonly not in complete harmony with overall organizational objectives.

Yes, these over-verticalized structures do encourage specialization of skill and knowledge; but on the other hand there is often a lack of proper and timely information sharing amongst various pockets of resources – this inevitably leads to overall departmental inefficiency and a greater chance of SLAs not being met. What if you could break these silos and get everyone to march to the same beat via a cutting-edge IT service management company?

“Thanks to our certified partnerships with various OEMs, we are in a position to cleanly integrate best-of-breed technologies from each OEM in ways which will allow us to provide our customers with a complete and comprehensive “one-window” IT service management solution.”

The idea behind the Netzoom suite is to deconstruct these silos and bring all information centers under one umbrella that would provide a uniform system of monitoring, debugging and reporting with CIO level guidance and oversight. No more lean and inefficient hierarchies. No more pockets of isolation.

Important: According to a Forrester research around 81% of organizations have defined their IT Service Level Agreements (SLAs); but those SLAs are met only 60% of the time

In this field there are THREE major elements that need to be looked at and considered before making a Decision:

  • Cost reduction
  • Security Enhancements
  • Reporting

Cost reduction:

  • In comparison to hiring expensive in-house IT personnel, the NetZoom advantage can slash onsite IT service management costs by up to 35%.
  • All Data Focus’ Managed IT services customers will receive their Dell and other IT equipment at cost prices; thereby saving our customers over 40% in IT infrastructure investments.
  • Depending on how critical it is for your business to carry on its revenue-generating operations seamlessly; the Netzoom option can potentially save your company hundreds of thousands of dollars by averting downtimes through continuous system health checks, antivirus updates, firewall updates, virus and adware monitoring and vulnerability checks etc. The Netzoom advantage is the successor to the old “break-fix” model that required constant firefighting. Why wait for a “break” to happen before you can actually “fix” it? That’s our motto.

Security enhancements

The data focus solution is the best way to ensure comprehensive “infrastructure-wide” security checks and timely antivirus and firewall updates. The net result is a 100% highly secured IT environment that’s completely safeguarded from hackers and other hurtful elements.

  • Virus and spyware monitoring along with round the clock firewall heath checks
  • Preventative maintenance and patch assessment/patch management.
  • Overall round the clock performance monitoring, flagging and remedying.


When it comes to reporting, as a decision maker, most businesses require just three pieces of information

  • Error Classifications
  • Trend analysis and extended incident lifecycle reporting
  • Preemptive action planning: the systematic integration of preemptive action steps into the overall service design.

The Netzoom reporting structures are robust and are geared towards providing customers with REAL information – information that does not cloud core issues; but which uncovers them. Such reporting quickens the overall organizational learning process, it dramatically trims down recovery times and paves the way towards the reduction of IT incidents.

DataFocus NetZoom Managed IT Services Plans are delivered in two packages:

Ideal for companies with limited in-house IT support – Includes incident management, preventative maintenance, virus and firewall monitoring and senior engineer analysis.

  • 24/7×365 monitoring for all applications across all IT architectures
  • Preventative maintenance and patch assessment/management
  • Procurement services
  • Virus and spyware monitoring along with round the clock Firewall heath checks
  • Desktop management (End-User help desk optional)
  • Desktop asset management
  • Backup software and device monitoring
  • Remote incident remediation
  • 9×5 with 1-hour response time
  • Optional off-hours support
  • Onsite incident remediation
  • Status and recommendations meetings with DataFocus experts quarterly
This plan is best suited for companies with NO in-house IT support and includes vendor management, patch management, application management, expanded security management, and monthly access CIO-level technical expertise.

  • All Gold capabilities
  • Patch assessment and remediation
  • Desktop/Device warranty and license management along with Device configuration management
  • ISP and VoIP management
  • Firewall management – includes Server and desktop vulnerability scanning and intrusion monitoring
  • Desktop management (End-User help desk optional)
  • Desktop performance monitoring and Desktop ticket management
  • Spyware and adware monitoring
  • Virus software management
  • Semi-annual failover recovery testing
  • Comprehensive application management: Exchange, SQL, Active Directory, IIS.
  • Access to top technology expertise – stay on the cutting edge of technology and security without the cost of hiring and training. Complete IT outsourcing – virtual CIO

Organizations will always be under immense the pressure of meeting service levels while strengthening security and keeping a tight lid on costs. The Data Focus NetZoom suite is designed to do just that.

Your ability to make massive improvements in the area of IT service management is NOW available. Capitalize on your core competencies and unchain your organization from the tiresome weights associated with cumbersome IT management processes. Click Here to get a FREE quote from us.