Backup and Disaster Recovery

Do this little experiment: walk into your data center and after looking around for a minute, close your eyes and imagine all that stuff gone. Yes, that’s right; imagine how it would be if you LOST all your data center data and equipment.

Next, imagine how it would be if you were asked to get every little byte of data back as soon as possible – possibly within hours – or in some cases even minutes. What would you do? Where would you go?

By just entertaining these thoughts you have taken the very first step towards creating a backup and disaster recovery system for your company’s valuable data.

But, sometimes the need for a viable disaster recovery system may not be that dramatic. As organizations grow both organically and through acquisition, backup procedures can become fragmented, leading to inefficiency, high costs and, in some cases, loss of effective data protection.

“Regardless of how well you take care of your IT environment, no one can guarantee that your data will be secure and safe if it resides in just ONE place”.

The NetZoom back up and disaster recovery solution:

The DataFocus Managed Backup system is surgically fine-tuned to provide critical event identification and concise error descriptions for common backup issues, such as: media (tape) failures; fatal conditions (such as database lockouts) and general backup failures.

Whenever any of these events are triggered, the DataFocus team then manages the performance of your backup on-demand and in real time.

At the heart of the DataFocus backup and recovery system lies its ability to proactively monitor matrices specific to the optimal performance of the servers hosting these critical applications – the system does this by constantly measuring performance against Key Performance Indicators (KPI). These KPIs are uniquely customized to meet your data center’s “environment-specific” needs – the net result is a reduction in emergency service calls and shorter response times.

“As opposed to old-school trouble shooting tools that focus on diagnosing a problem as it occurs; The DataFocus Managed Backup service incorporates cutting edge technology that focuses on isolating the root cause of issues before they degrade service.”

The Data Focus disaster and recovery program is a comprehensive end-to-end solution: our highly experienced storage professionals define, implement, monitor and manage backup operations and procedures while also looking after and ensuring the maintenance and upkeep of all associated hardware and software.

Benefits of the DataFocus backup and recovery program in summary:

  • Reduced business interruption; thereby allowing staff to focus on core-competencies
  • End-to-end backup and disaster recovery strategy – fully and comprehensively chalked out, implemented, managed, refined and maintained.
  • Ability to capacity plan and justify additional purchases

The Advanced Business Continuity Add-On

The Advanced Business Continuity Add-on is ideal for those organizations that reside in disaster prone areas or which heavily depend on uninterrupted operations. Without requiring any upfront capital investment on expensive equipment or software, DataFocus is able to use its high-end technology to seamlessly and instantly move IT operations off site in the event of a disaster.


Some basic benefits of this service include

  • Quick file recovery, within minutes
  • Quick failed server recovery, within a couple of hours
  • Quick Continuity for an entire site, within 24-48 hours providing access to critical applications over the internet

Businesses tend to neglect setting up viable data backup and recovery systems for four reasons, (A) they have never had a disaster and therefore they don’t really understand how important this is (B) they have no idea of how to do it and (C) or they continuously forget to make backups because they don’t have a powerful backup system or routine in place. DataFocus solves all of these problems for you.

Many businesses respond differently to questions about how important their data is to them, but ONLY the steps they take to safeguard their data will always reflect their seriousness towards safeguarding their data.

Your company’s data is probably the heart and soul of your organization. NetZoom’s swift and efficient recovery and backup system is geared towards putting an end to cumbersome backup procedures and eliminating the “dangling sword” syndrome that many IT managers face nowadays. Click HERE to get a quote now.