End-User Help Desk

Cost-effective and enterprise class US based help desk – 45 minute SLA on requests – bottleneck-free workflows and customized services for certain working hours, off hours and holidays.

DataFocus’ End-User Help Desk gives you have the ability to source a US based, enterprise-class help desk for your organization at a fraction of the cost then doing it in-house.

Get your people back to work sooner

All calls are answered within 2 minutes and 80% of service requests are resolved within 45 minutes. This means that you won’t have to pay an employee to wait around for a technician to show up and get them back to work. In addition, the ability for all your employees to directly access the help desk means that your management won’t lose productivity by having to report IT issues. With the DataFocus helpdesk you will save time and money.

Business and off hour access


DataFocus allows your organization to choose its level of service to save on its IT expenses. Why pay for a 24/7 help desk support when your employees work 9-5? For these organizations our Gold level Help Desk is a viable solution. But if your organization maintains operations after hours, you can rest assured that we have you covered 24/7 with Platinum service, even on Major Holidays.

Your currenthelp desk does not have to be this way. Choose flexibility, ease of management and exceptional efficiency by choosing the DataFocus Netzoom End-User Help Desk solution. Just click HERE to get a FREE quote.